What customers say

Customer service training participant

I loved that I could create stronger connection with colleagues. Also I was able to find out more about myself. I learn both: my strong side and my weakness. This helps a lot in work with customers. 

Leadership training participant

These are the most positive training I have ever participated in.

A lot of practical role-plays. Learnings for me: think out of the box; accept/respect/notice/trust colleagues/customer; be creative; take initiative; be brave

Sales training participant

I like that I was forced to go out of my comfort zone, because only then one can progress. There were no classical sales training methods or games. I loved it, because it helped me to see myself from different perspective. I relay found options that works for me - so I could sell better and not stop with first "no"

Collaboration training participant

You helped me to brake my frame: 'I am always right and I need to control everything, because I can do better.' Thank you for that.


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