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"Handook to latvian about socialisation" presentation of a nook

We were honored to participate in a book presentation of author, that has defined tips and tricks for "introverte latvians" - how to communicate better. Discussed situations and examples of great small talks and everyday socialisation. 


Applied improv for hiring

We have launched new service, that allows to identify soft skills of candidates during the hiring process. Applied improv is an effective method that doesn't allow to fake skills and shows them as is.  

Participating in conference "Rosinātava"

At the beginning of this year, our CEO participated as an motivationl speaker for youngsters in order to motivate them reach their goals and full fill their dreams. If you follow improv mindset: Yes and, celebrate misstakes, take action - everything is possible! 

Visiting Young Media Sharks

Visiting Young Media Sharks summer school, to introduce participants with improvisational theater and how skills that improv gives can be applied in real life. 

Guest lectures at Rīgas Stradiņa University

We are joining lectures of Rigas Stradiņa University, in order to train communication and collaboration skills to media and business students 


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