Prasmju identificēšana, veidošana un pilnveidošana, izmantojot improvizācijas teātra tehnikas ar kurām trenējas improvizācijas aktieri

Applied Improv

"Lai iegūtu jaunu paradumu, viena darbība jāatkārto 400 reizes. Ar spēļu palīdzību nepieciešamas 10-20 reizes //Dr.Karyn Purvis

Runas Rāmis (Speech Frame) uses improvisation theater and various other methods that improves collaboration, unleashes creativity and strengthens successful communication ... moreover, everyone is having a real fun during the process


Improvisation theater actors are real-time market-oriented innovators: in a very limited time (now, on the spot), the whole team works together to create something new (story) to satisfy the customer (audience). They work with certain techniques to be able to collaborate as a team in an ambiguous, changing and dynamic environment, and create something new and successful. Sounds useful, doesn't it?

The good news are that everyone can learn these techniques and apply them successfully as a part of their daily work.


In none of our collaborations we use "ready-to-pack" solution. We start with your (business or personal) goals. Based on them, we will find the most suitable improvisation and other tested techniques for creating and exciting training that will meet your goals and bring long term positive impact.


Applied improv can be used for very different purposes. Starting with team leadership, customer service, team collaboration and improving mutual communication, continuing with the development of public speaking and small talk skills. Sky is the limit. World-wide applied improv has been known for decades and is used in many different ways, such as - recruitment process,  market research, personal relationship strengthening and even for the treatment of illnesses.


Runas Rāmis is open to all ideas and ready to find solutions for the most challenging situations. Contact Us!



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