Strategic online game for fun, good time and also communication skills training :)

The interactive online game "Warewolf" is based on the well-known "Mafia vs. Parliament" game. It is not only exciting and fun, but also develops social negotiation, communication and leadership skills.

Play with family, friends or colleagues, no matter where you are!

You get unique emotions, an exciting evening and a topic to discuss at least a couple of weeks later :)

Process: You are all in a village with some werewolves. They wake up at night and, if they can agree, someone ... tore. During the day, werewolves look just like you. This is one of their own.

You will walk around different places (hospital, bar, church, school ...) and try to understand who is a werewolf by talking and evaluating the events of the previous day and night. Every evening there will be a meeting of the villagers, where you can put the possible werewolves to the court of lynx for a vote. If the majority agrees, then the life of the inhabitant of this village will end and only then will you know if he really was Vilaktis. And then ... then a dark night will come, in which a werewolf will wander the streets again, possibly a man with an ax, a psychic and even a doctor. Which they will destroy and whom they will save .. you will know only the next morning.

In turn, the dead .. The dead will meet in paradise. The most agile, smartest or ... most successful will survive.

Number of participants: from 8 people

Duration: 2-2.5h

Required: Computer with video camera option

Let's use: Zoom connection video call

Skills: No prior knowledge or game experience required.

Costs: 5 Eur per participant


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